The Fiendish Friday Quiz


22nd, June 2007


1 Celtic, Liverpool, Newcastle United, Norwich City, Blackpool, Linfield, Modena, Livingston, Hibernian, Houston Dynamo (current). Whose varied career path?
2 Who scored the first ever ‘Golden Goal’ in international football?
3 Picture round. Who’s this?
4 The late Sir Bobby Moore shared a middle name with which current Premiership club?
5 Thierry Henry recently defected from sponsors Nike, to move to which sportswear company?
6 The club crest challenge:
Answers a simple click away…

1 Paul Dalglish.
2 Oliver Bierhoff, for Germany against the Czech Republic in the final of Euro 96.
3 Danish ref Kim Milton Nielsen (the man who sent off Becks at the 1998 World Cup).
4 Chelsea
5 Reebok
6 Newell’s Old Boys
Anyone get ’em all this week?

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  1. kj says:

    Aiee… one. Oddly it wasn’t the crest, but rather Dalglish.

  2. Andrew says:

    3. The ref, Chelsea, and Reebok.

  3. chringle says:

    miserable 2/6
    reebok and milton neilsen.
    got the game right for the golden goal question but plumped for klinsmann. fool!

  4. bakayoko says:

    i ve got it over three for the first time : chelski, ref, bierhoff and rbk.

  5. Matthew Burke says:

    Bierhoff & Rbk
    couldn’t remember the name of the ref