‘The Wrong Image Was Provided To Broadcasters’ – VAR Company Defend Wonky Line Mix-Up During Man Utd’s FA Cup Clash With Huddersfield

Alan Duffy

18th, February 2018


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The company behind those incredible wobbly VAR lines broadcast during Manchester United’s clash with Huddersfield on Saturday have claimed that the offending graphic was not used to disallow Juan Mata’s goal.

Hawkeye have said that  a “technical error” had led to the dodgy graphic being provided for the TV broadcasters.

The VAR providers published an explanatory graphic on their website along with statement which explained the mix-up…

Both the dismal wonky line graphic and the questionable decision to disallow Mata’s goal have give critics of VAR even more ammunition.

The system is being trialled in both the FA Cup and Carabao Cup this season, with a decision yet to be made on whether it will utilised in the long term.

To be fair, it is a new system and teething problems were expected. However, jury very much remains out on whether it is a help or a hindrance to the game.

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  1. Coiffure Attendant Colorado Williams says:

    We here in Brazzaville don’t agree with VAR. SURELY there is another way, football has come a long way and we didn’t make it this VAR due to bureaucracy.

  2. Mr Sensible says:

    It still doesn’t really explain why the wobbly line image was even made or why the lines were wobbly, let alone then sent to the TV broadcasters. Also, if they accept a technical issue occurred why can’t a technical error occur where VAR make a mistake and the wrong call?

    Also, if VAR is to use the TV footage as their way of finding their answers then surely it’s hugely flawed. TV only shoots at a relatively low frame rate per second so may not always be able to see the exact moments they are after. There’s a reason in athletic sprinting races TV footage isn’t used to decide final positions and times, because there aren’t enough frames to be precise.

  3. Bruno says:

    VAR is ridiculous. Zero emotion. I honestly prefer the mistakes by the referees.

  4. Geraldo says:

    Football isn’t rugby. It’s time to ditch this techy crap and keep the beautiful game beautiful – even beauty has its imperfections.

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