USA disrespects Copa America, pays the ultimate price


6th, July 2007


landon_donovan12.JPGA big fat ZERO. Yeah, nil points. That’s what the USA scored in this year’s Copa America, after defeats at the hands of Argentina, Paraguay and Columbia. Eight goals conceded, two goals scored.
Buy hey, that’s what you get when you send a virtual B team to take on the best teams in South America. Without the likes of Landon Donovan (pictured vomiting up his small intestine after the US’s weak effort) and DeMarcus Beasley in their ranks, what did the US really expect? They took a squad including 16 players with 10 international appearances or fewer and paid the price. Six players from the States’ CONCACAF Gold Cup-winning team returned to MLS instead of travelling to Venezuela, which is shame – I’d like to see how a full-strength US team matches up against the cream of South American football.
Brazil, who have rested Kaka and Ronaldinho (at the players’ request) are strong enough to play with second-string footballers, but the US are not yet in that position. Oh well, there’s always the U-20 World Cup to shoot for.

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  1. Jorge says:

    It is not very difficult to understand.
    The US have just won the Gold Cup which gives them a place on the confederation cup and was therefore the tournament that mattered to them.
    Even with the first team they did not have much of a chance to win the Copa America, so they take the opportunity to give some experience to some guys that might be needed for the world cup qualifyings and do not have many competitive games on their legs. MLS does not count as competitive for me, and it was clear why in this Copa as most of those guys are not used to play at a higher pace with better marking.

  2. Bleustilton says:

    To send a full-strength squad to 2 tournaments in the summer really undermines league football, and particularly MLS, which is going on right now. Playing a full squad for the Copa would have been all very romantic and naive and such, but it’s just not practical. It’s better to give players who’ve never played against Riquelme and Tevez and Messi that experience. It is a bit disappointing that they were mauled, and it’s easy to say, “Well that’s what you get,” in the position you’re in, but the decision that was made was the right one.

  3. Jamesey says:

    I’d call that a C-team, with 2 A’s and a 2 B’s thrown in. Drew Moor? Marvell Wynne? Danny Califf? Eddie Gaven? come on!

  4. Tommer says:

    B Team? That was more like the D Team, son.

  5. L.D says:

    That was a shamefull way of representing your country regardless of the crappy MLS being in full swing.And i don’t know what’s landon’s obsession with the galaxy…..the kid should be playing in Europe.

  6. Chris says:

    So typical. We can’t win it, so we’re not going to try.
    A team with balls would have sent the B-Team to the Gold Cup, and the A-Team to the Copa America.