Tuncay Sanli is way too skilful for Middlesbrough


12th, July 2007


Nothing like showing off to your new team-mates with a rebona goal, although you just know that some of them are thinking ‘flash bastard’ as he walks back…

[Via 101greatgoals]

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  1. mintox says:

    A couple of step overs before scoring a goal in a training drill is hardly cause to claim that a player is way too skillful for Middlesbrough.
    If he repeats the effort during the game then maybe i’ll agree with you.

  2. Zaatar says:

    A couple of stepovers followed by the rebona shot*

  3. chringle says:

    if you bear in mind that the most skillful player they had before was Stuart Downing then, yes, he is way too skilfull for Boro.