Big Brother’s Charley gave X-rated lapdance to Leroy Lita. God help this country


18th, July 2007


charley_out.jpgFrom today’s super soaraway Daily Star: Charley, Big Brother dumbass and cousin to Kieran Richardson, performed an X-rated private lapdance for Reading striker Leroy Lita. I couldn’t imagine a classier couple – they deserve each other, much like Preston and Chantelle deserved each other.
Lita’s reaction to a Daily Star pap coming over to take a photo? Read on, and weep…
‘At his home in Finchampstead, Berks, Lita showered baby oil all over Daily Star photographer Wayne Starr from an upstairs window before shouting: “Get out of my house!”‘
That sentence pretty much sums up most of what is wrong with Britain today. Sigh. [Via sister site Available For Panto, where you can get all the latest BB news and gossip]

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  1. kelly says:

    What a slime ball Lita is and Charley is no better. However I have read on this forum site under Top 10 WAGS that he was with his live at home girlfriend in Wardour night club a few months ago? So has he been cheating on her? Poor girl but at least she has his credit card to keep her happy.