Meet David Beckham’s LA Galaxy team-mates, No.2: Cozmo the mascot


20th, July 2007


Name: Cozmo
Age: Unknown
Position: Mascot
What’s his story? ‘Universally known as a goalkeeper who can stop shots travelling at the speed of light, Cozmo has the speed and skill to play forward for any team on the planet.’ Er, is he a goalie or a forward then? The Galaxy’s website seems confused about this.
What does he think of Beckham’s arrival? Who knows?
Did you know? Cozmo was beamed down to The Home Depot Center from his intergalactic spaceship in 2003. He has been treating fans to an out of this world experience ever since. Is that enough cosmic references for one post?
Meet Landon Donovan, or check out more pix of Cozmo after the jump…

[Pictures via the Galaxy’s official website]

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  1. Chringle says:

    Whats with the pics of Pizzaro and Kaladze?

  2. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    Eh, not showing up on my screen?

  3. Chringle says:

    The first and third pics are of Pizzaro and Kaladze respectively, if you click on them it links to a pic of the bean headed mascot thing.