Friendly Watch: Dundee United 0-1 Barcelona / TH14 debut


27th, July 2007


Thierry Henry scored in the final minute of his debut to give Barcelona victory over Dundee United. Believe it or not, before last night the Tangerines had a 100 per cent played four, won four record against Barca. The winner came from Henry following up his own penalty after keeper Grzegorz Szamotulski had saved.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dundee goalkeeper was amazing, and though the game was very open i think the fair result would have been 1-0. What was wrong with the ref?

  2. Łupek says:

    Clearly Barca haven’t yet their usual levels of shot control, but their passing is just astonishing. Best passing side there is, if you asked me.
    Dundee United’s goal was perfectly good, I think the ref blew the wistle only because the attacker put his hand on the defender’s shoulder (didn’t take time to figure who were they), but he only did it AFTER the shot. Bad call.
    Hopefully, Gio Dos Santos and Bojan Krkic can step up this season and be like their, not so much older, teammate Messi, about whom you might have heard of.
    And on the Polish goalkeeper… We could put up a whole XI of good goalies playing abroad. That’s a funny thing about our football, our outfield players’ chances to make a career are diminished by lack of good pitches, while the keepers are unaffected by this.

  3. Mark says:

    I was at this game last night, absolutely brilliant experience. I don’t think you can appreciate Barca’s passing and movement until you see them play live at the ground. The United goal should have stood, absolutely nothing wrong with it at all. Still can’t believe Dods didn’t concede a penalty for holding onto Henry, though.

  4. Bezzo says:

    United waz robbed!

  5. Bezzo says:

    They waz robbed!

  6. Sartre says:

    Seems like Barca had trouble scoring, although they had like about 20 chances. Amazing passing though