Radical Iranian militants interested in buying Manchester United

Ollie Irish

9th, August 2007

khayber.jpgWhile many pundits and fans have been debating whether the lack of transparency at Leeds means that tests of suitability on new owners have been bypassed, Pies reckons this one is less likely to sneak under the radar. Apparently a radical Iranian militant group is interested in buying Manchester United. Ansar Hezbollah claims its first act in charge would be to change the club’s name to Khayber in honour of an oasis near the holy city of Medina.
But Man Yoo fans can breathe easy that they will still be chanting ‘Glory, Glory Man United’ rather than ‘Glory, Glory be to Allah’ for a while yet. The club’s press office has reassured supporters that Malcolm Glazer has not intention of selling the club (not sure if that is good news or bad news) least of all to radical militant groups. [Via The Offside]

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