Becks is back – but is it in time for England?


10th, August 2007


76043481.jpgThe wait is over. David Beckham made his long anticipated MLS debut last night when he came on as a 72nd minute substitute for or the Los Angeles Galaxy.
Although Goldenballs was unable to prevent a 1-0 defeat, he did pull off a couple of Hollywood passes that created chances for teammates and showed no sign of the ankle injury that kept him from the American public.
He was rated ‘questionable’ before the game but maybe the presence of England coach, Steve McLaren, spurred him on. So, with only 12 days to go before England’s friendly against Germany (including flying time) do you think that McLaren will select him?
Or, have previous attempts to bring back crocked stars too soon taught him anything?

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  1. Bezzo says:

    As it’s just a friendly lets hope that sense prevails and Becks doesn’t get called up. He needs to be fully recovered before he pulls on the three lions again because you know he’ll be giving it 110% for Eng-ger-land. He cannot rush his recovery otherwise he will injure himeself again and the American back-lash against him really will begin…

  2. North Carolina RCFC (ex-pat). says:

    They aren’t lions, they are leopards (“lupars” in Norman French, “les trois chats”). Just a fact lost in time. The story is, that as William was crossing the channel with his pet leopards, the female of the pair gave birth. Anyway, from the dawn of Norman time, it was two, and then three leopards. Naturally this carried on into England. Lions don’t got nuffink to do with it. Leopards are the best hunters, stalkers, of the big cats and operate in stealth mode 24/7. Lions? Pah!
    99% of Americans don’t give a toss about Beckham. Why should they? Backlash from whom? A few worthless media hacks, SKY Sports / Fox types, advertizing execs, and the losers in Dead Loss Angeles along with the botoxed and slashed from Malibu, Bel-Air, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Holmby and Beverly Hills who just want to be seen?
    The left coast is full of muppets, perfect fit. Becks and Galaxy, as amusing as Charlie Chaplin on crank, i.e. not at all.