David Beckham makes first start – but is he taking too much on?


20th, August 2007


76170188.jpgBecks made his first start for the LA Galaxy at the weekend but, despite a hat trick of assists, he couldn’t prevent his team from losing 5-4 to the New York Red Bulls.
While nine goals in one game would have pleased the 66,000 sell out crowd, it’s not a score line that you’d usually associate with professional football and most of the goals came from the type of defending that would give Alan Hansen a coronary.
It’s going to raise a few more questions about the standard of the MLS and, with Beckham’s ankle taking a pounding on the artifical surface used at the Giants Stadium, there are doubts whether he will be fit for England’s midweek friendly.
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Beckham hadn’t expected to play the full 90 minutes but stubbornly stayed on at the expense of his ankle injury, which means England’s prodigal son might not be ready for Wednesday’s friendly against Germany – especially as the Galaxy play again the following day.
‘I’m coming back (Wednesday night) and I’ll be sleeping all the way on the plane, hopefully getting plenty of rest and able play some part of the Chivas game on Thursday. I think its important for me to get back and to be at the game. I’ll definitely be there and hopefully I play some part in it,’ he said somewhat optimistically.
He’s obviously trying his heart out but has Becks bitten off more than he can chew?

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  1. Bezzo says:

    At least the crowd got loads of goals (and that seems to be the most important thing for American crowds). Fingers crossed for Becks against Germany.

  2. aja says:

    as bruce arena said after the match, much of it was enough to make any coach cringe and worry. but congrats ny.

  3. Kipp says:

    Seriously conference defenders could do better…
    Just a bit of organisation and you stop goals like that, for both sides

  4. dp says:

    The weird thing about that game is that almost every MLS game I’ve ever watched has been 1-0 or 0-0 yawnfests with no one able to take a first touch or make open headers. Maybe they’re getting it now…

  5. Joe says:

    Although a bit too many goals, it was an enjoyable game, I’m sure novice fans loved it. Personally I think the perfect score for a match is something like 3-2, 2-2 or 2-1. Good amount of goals, but not too many that the defenses are leaving a lot to be desired…good mix of offense and defense.

  6. mv says:

    Be careful not to get hurt while you climb off your high horse you english cunts. We don’t care if you approve of our league or if you even pay attention to it. Fuck off.

  7. Sheps says:

    looks like that ang-hell guy is pretty good. maybe some epl team should export him. wait…
    “two unanswered goals by the galaxy answered by two answered goals by the red bull”
    that is why we have mls, for the “awesome” commentary!

  8. devil says:

    If you didn’t care if we pay any attention to the MLS – why sign David Beckham…dumbass!

  9. Philly says:

    MLS signed David Beckham to improve the profile of soccer in the U.S., not to impress soccer-snobs in England.

  10. revs fan says:

    Did you see the Sevilla v Real Madrid game? Does this mean that Spain doesn’t have any “professional football” either?

  11. Bella says:

    It’s a tough call. Beckham never seems to do anything by half measures, he’s compulsive about commitments, and even though they all hate it, I’ve only seen a handful of players who hate coming off the pitch quite as much as he does.
    Also he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t — last week he was trashed for not playing enough, this week its because he’s playing too much. He shouldn’t have been, and shouldn’t be, making those decisions.

  12. Manton says:

    While everyone was watching Becks they should have been watching Jozy Altidore. That kid is going to be brill very, very soon.