Ionel Ganea attacks the assistant referee


28th, August 2007


Attacks on match officials can range from the petty to the horrific. Former Wolves striker Ionel Ganea opted for that age old playground tactic, the nipple twist. The Politehnica Stiinta player was sent off against Rapid Bucharest at the weekend after seemingly grasping the assistant referee’s nipple before holding him by the throat. Ganea was eventually escorted away from the pitch by four policemen!

[Via The Offside]

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  1. Teodor says:

    unfortunately, Ganea isn’t a first-timer with that kind of stuff. I’m sorry to say it, as he’s my fellow countryman and quite a good lad outside the pitch, but he’s had his part of madness in the past too (broke Scotland’s John Kennedy leg on that boy’s international debut, resulting in a 3 years absence! ouch)

  2. jonnyboy71 says:

    chav. so can you actually duff the assistant ref with, er, gay abandon? or do you actually get a fine, or a ban or something?
    it’s the future, i tell you. give people something to look at during lulls in the game. *wallop*

  3. Bill says:

    Love how the other official just walks away as if nothing is happening