My Pies: Customise Your Own Football Page

Ollie Irish

9th, September 2010


By Ollie Irish

To give you more control over the football content you want, Who Ate All The Pies has come up with My Pies, a standalone football page which you can customise to your heart’s content. With all the latest football news, images, videos and WAGs, it’s well worth checking out.

Give it a try, play around with it, let us know what you think…

My Pies

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  1. samhumphreys says:

    Don’t really get it :/, i believe this website to be sufficient enough and see no reason to customise it, hopefully some think its a good idea though

  2. john godfrey says:

    I get it, there’s extra on this bit that aren’t on rest of site, esp like the vouchers part. And if I want to remove something I can – easy to add it back later. Like it – makes the site more interesting

  3. john godfrey says:

    also just seen there’s world cup news from the BBC & FIFA – love the fact you guys are so confident in your news that these others can sit on the site too! I’ve been going back between the pies and FIFA all the way through the world cup – why wasn’t this done for the start of WC????

  4. Bawly says:

    You still need to update your picture galleries. Loading a new page for every picture is a pain. Get some thumbnails, slideshow or something quicker,

    Great website though.

  5. kenzel says:

    i love this site wish the updates came abit quicker tho. cannot complain football naked women bit of banter id say this isa mans man website. 5*

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