Women’s World Cup: She’s a bit like… Cristiano Ronaldo (Karen Carney)


6th, September 2007

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Another in our series of handy educational posts introducing England ladies. Meet Karen Carney.
When Carney burst onto the scene at a preposterously young age, showing up the rest of the team and using language that could strip paint, she was instantly compared to Wayne Rooney. But she’s far more like his Manchester United team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo or even a young David Beckham (think back. No, further) – pelting up and down the wing at terrifying pace, tricking and skipping her way past opponents and swinging in crosses that seem to have the path to a team-mate’s head programmed in by satellite.

Georgina Turner writes for Kickster, Shiny Media’s brand new blog dedicated to women’s football

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1 Comment

  1. Andy C says:

    Winger, long legs, mullet hair style, relaxed ambling run.
    Chris (‘diamond lights’) Waddle – surely.