Women’s World Cup: She’s a bit like… Wayne Rooney (Kelly Smith)


6th, September 2007


kellysmith.gifAnother of the Pies cut-out-and-keep guides to England’s women (note: if cutting out and keeping ensure you cut the printed version, not your monitor).
Smith, who plays for Arsenal, is England’s best – at least, most influential – player by a country mile, with the ability to change a game in the time it takes her to drop her shoulder. She’s tough, fast and goes in looking like she’d break your leg if it got her the ball. She’s also the owner of a scorching hot temper when things aren’t going well. Not that we’re suggesting anything Wayne, if you’re reading this and feeling particularly litigious.

Over the past few years Smith has won Women’s International Player Of The Year (2005), FIFA Women’s World Player Of The Year (2006) and player of the tournament at this year’s China Cup. All this in addition to helping Arsenal to a European Quadruple last season. Maybe Le Boss should consider her as a replacement for Thierry…
Georgina Turner writes for Kickster, Shiny Media’s brand new blog dedicated to women’s football

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  1. Adam says:

    She’s a lot prettier than Rooney…
    Or is that the type of misogynistic statement I shouldn’t be making about the Women’s World Cup?

  2. Sez says:

    Are you going to do a HABs (Husbands and Boyfriends) edition too?

  3. Murfmensch says:

    I don’t think that is misogynistic. There is more than one reason to admire a player.
    Beauty is often noted in discussing the men’s game. Shots and posture can make a player inspiring to watch for the same reasons we admire dancers.
    It can get carried away. If nothing were said about Smith’s game, that would be a shame. I hope she tests Hope Sole, the US goalkeeper who is also statuesque.
    We often have trouble separating the hype based on Beckham’s modeling from that of his playing. (This results in underestimating his playing actually.) That seems unlikely in the women’s game.
    I’d rather see Women athletes model than surgical misfits.