Who the hell is Aleksandr Kerzhakov?

Ollie Irish

11th, September 2007


He’s the Sevilla striker who might cause England a few headaches on Wednesday that’s who. Alexandr Kerzhakov or Александра Кержакова as the Russians call him has never lost a game in which he’s faced Paul Robinson (and he scored past him too in Sevilla’s UEFA cup victory over Spurs). So should John Terry, Steve McCarrot and Paul Robinson fear the vodka guzzler? Here’s his best bit on film (complete with delightful Avril Lavigne soundtrack)…

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  1. Łupek says:

    Girlie he isn’t, definitely a tough striker to handle, but you’ve just made a girl out of him.
    Александра Кержакова would be the name female version of his name – Alexandra Kerzhakova.
    His name in Russian is Александр Кержаков.
    Watch him and Arshavin – definitely very good footballers.

  2. Visser says:

    He’s a top signing on Football Manager 2006 and 2007 if nobody else had noticed. Tip for you … cheap too!