Scotland’s 10 finest football moments…

Ollie Irish

13th, September 2007


ssss76704751.jpg Och! We’d already typed up our response for plucky Scotland’s brave performance against a rampant France last night. The brave jocks battled hard for 60 minutes at which point the Frenchers stepped things up a gear and ground out a 2-0 victory. That’s what should have happened, but the wee lassy AKA Lady Fate hate different things in mind. Her plan was for Scotland to win? Madness…
So “Och laddy!” you better toss my caber, because the skirt wearing gingers left the footballing world shell-shocked by beating France in France. Genuinely. It happened. Alreet? Nae bother.
Surely this has to be one of the haggis chomping McFootballers finest ever achievements? In our books, we’ve got it as their number two…
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Jocko FC’s finest moments…
1) Winning the World Cup. (Well, they thought they did, when they beat World Cup winners England 3-2 in 1967.)
2) Beating France in France
3) Beating Holland 3-2 in the 1978 World Cup
4) Beating England at the last Scotland match at Wembley (1-0 in 1999)
5) Beating France in Scotland
6) Ummm….
7) Erm…. sacking that German bloke?
8) Aaaahh….
9) Nope, sorry we can’t find any more than five…
10) So is this a new era for Scottish football? Are there going to be more glorious victories that the amazing Tartan Army support deserve? Do you actually now have a better chance of qualifying for the Euro Championships than England? Let us know what you think…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is Ollie Irish on holiday?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Surely actually qualifying for a tournament is more important than just beating a team wihtout their best player?
    If Henry had of been fit it would have been a very different story.
    Lucky goal, and then 10 men behind the ball.

  3. Andy says:

    Beating Holland 1-0? Being Britains only representative at the 1974 world cup and being unbeaten? Holding Italy and Germany to draws at home in recent years? Winning the 1977 British Home championships? I thought you might have had a wee look on Wikipedia, surely the best football blog on the planet has slightly better research methods…

  4. Joe says:

    Say what you will, but Scotland have done far more to deserve qualification than us. Going top of a group with BOTH World Cup finalists and a quarter finalist to boot whilst switching managers halfway through the campaign is a fantastic achievement, and they’ve deserved a bit of luck.

  5. Phil says:

    £10 says Scotland won’t qualify.

  6. Keving says:

    Apart from this article being full of little englander jibes, is it any wonder we want yer fitba team to fail reading crap like this?, it was a good result but that’s all.
    Phil’s right i’m going to the bookies to put on we won’t qualify.
    Oh but Henry widnae have made any difference last night the French were poor but we dod score a fluke.

  7. Nik says:

    Great 3 points for the boys in blue. 3 matches left and 2 against strong sides, our ONLY saving grace is that those 2 matches are in Hampden, and the other is in Georgia. Watch us do well against Schevchenko and the Azurri side, but flub it up against Georgia. LOL.

  8. earnie says:

    Keving: “is it any wonder we want yer fitba team to fail reading crap like this?”
    good result mate and I admit Scotland are doing incredibley well. but the reason you want england to fail is not because of some comments it’s because of the massive inferiority complex the Scots have towards the English. It’s the reason I always laugh when tournament after tourament you fail to qualify because if we failed to qualify there would not only be a party lasting all year up north there would be a song about it! Sad.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is spot on. Start harping on about how great you are, when you actually manage to win a game / get beyond the group stages in an actual tournament.

  10. Gibby10 says:

    I seen in the summer Pies were looking for some decent football writers ….. pity they didn’t get any ! If this was engerland, who beat France (world cup finalist) in there own yard, with a goal like McFadden’s youz would be all over like a cheap suit ! We want you to fail because you arrogantly think you’ll win every tournament you enter but haven’t done since …….. it was that bloody far back !!! You’ve got Sven’s right hand man as a manager when youz really wanted big Phil. At least he had the sense to knock it back. Tartan Army – We can taste the swiss chocolate already .Gibby10

  11. kevinG says:

    Earnie and Nik..all i said was it was a good result, i have also said i don’t think we will qualify…but yer comments back up ma view
    I have no need to feel inferiour to you but you feel the need to be superiour to everyone else.
    which is sad and deluded.

  12. Phil says:

    “I seen in the summer Pies were looking for some decent football writers” Ironically that should be “I saw” Gibby.
    I have tried to put that £10 bet on, but can only get odds of 7/4 on Scotland not qualifying on betfair. Seems the bookies have little faith. Does anyone know where I can find better odds?

  13. Mark says:

    England are second in a group with Croatia, Russia and Israel. Scotland are top of a group with Italy, France and Ukraine. I know which team I’d rather support, and I’m glad I do. I’d put money on us beating England just now, to be perfectly honest.

  14. Gibby10 says:

    Where did you ‘see’ me Phil ?

  15. Gaz says:

    “I seen in the summer Pies were looking for some decent football writers ….. pity they didn’t get any !”
    I agree, the only reason I read whoateallthe pies is the standard and humour of the writing. Cutting edge news can be got from others sites. Bring back Ollie Irish!

  16. Kaya says:

    Gooodness me!
    Both sides probably have a point, but Scotland would hardly be the only country throwing parties when England loses. I don’t see how having a little fun with the scottish “language” is such a problem, but the english seem (to me anyway) to think a little more highly of their footballing accomplishments than I think is deserved. *If* the premiership is the “best league in the world” as is often claimed, it’s because of all the foreigners you can afford.
    Good job, Scotland!

  17. Ollie Scottish says:

    naughty naughty article, Lee the coanman
    this yesterday’s game is the highest achievement of british football for years
    so shut up and dance !

  18. earnie says:

    “We want you to fail because you arrogantly think you’ll win every tournament you enter but haven’t done since ……..”
    We don’t think we “will” win every tournament, we think we “can” win every tournament. This is natural of all big countries i.e. France, Italy, Spain. It’s called optimism mate, you should try it. Just because Scotland go into tournaments happy just to get past the group stage (when they actually get to a tournaments finals lol) it doesn’t mean we have to.
    And here’s a funny story for you I was in Scotland a couple of years ago when Kenny Miller had scored a few goals in qualifying against Italy etc and in the back pages of a newspaper was a page dedicated to how Kenny Miller will be top scorer at the World cup and why even though they were miles of qualifying. Seems like England’s media isn’t the only one to have a bit too much optimism. lol

  19. Gibby10 says:

    Ultimately our gripe is with your press and commentators – oh and anybody who stays south of Birmingham. As soon as any tournaments opening game kicks off – the olde 1966 gets rolled out and 9 times out of 10 Engerland aren’t even playing .Engerland isn’t that big a country. They don’t even make the top 10 in Fifa World rankings.
    And as far as ‘optimism ‘ is concerned, we have ‘ realism ‘ Earnie. I’ve been in the Czech Republic to see Scotland 2 up at half time and then watch as they get done over 3-2 . Did it ruin our week in prague – me thinks not and how many coupons were burst on Wednesday night with that result ? I just like the thought of some wee Pierre looking at his 4 homes with 20 euoros on it and then looking at teletext to see that wee Scotland fecked him for a right few quid .
    Mon the TA !