Fiendish Friday Quiz

Ollie Irish

14th, September 2007


not%20the%20KKK.jpg1) At which club did Didier Drogba and Florent Malouda play for together, before Chelsea
2) Which club has this (pictured) beast as its mascot? (He’s not a KKK klansman we promise.)
3) Which 72 year old wrinkly FA cup winner is assistant manager at Watford?
4) How many different clubs has Steve Coppell managed?
5) Which Blackburn player fronts a boy band called The Players?
6) Who play at Moss Rose? (Clue: their bitterest rivals play at Moss Lane.)
As ever click “continue” for the answers…

1) Guingamp
2) Southend
3) Keith Burkinshaw
4) Five. Palace, Brighton, Reading, Man City, Brentford
5) Morten Gamst Pedersen
6) Macclesfield

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  1. UG says:

    since when have shrimps been white? That’s a klansman if I’ve ever seen one…

  2. Anonymous says:

    more importantly when did shrimps grow thumbs? These shrimp men will kill us all!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Rodge says:

    I thought he was some kind of missile. Was wondering if it was the army’s team or Washington Athletic…

  4. kj says:

    Admit it, you stopped putting the crests in so I wouldn’t get any questions right from now on.

  5. Liam says:

    Got 0/6 for the first time ever :(

  6. Matthew Burke says:

    2/6: got Guingamp and the right number of Coppell’s clubs (luckily)
    Robbie Savage was my pick for a boy band leader
    i knew the colour of Southend’s shirt, but i could’n imagine they had such a terrible mascot
    the quizz is getting sneaky in these days…

  7. bleustilton says:

    1/6. All I got was Guingamp. I thought David Bentley was the boy band guy.