HolloWatch: Ollie wasn’t always this funny

Ollie Irish

25th, September 2007

ian%20holloway%20fft.JPGThere is a great interview with Pies hero Ian Holloway in the October edition of FourFourTwo. Ollie reveals that he never set out to build a reputation as one of football’s funniest managers, and that his hilarious rambling metaphors stem from repetitive interviews.
He said: “Most of it comes from the fact that I get the same questions over again. When I started I used to worry about what I said, but that’s all bullshit, all you’ve got to do is be yourself. What you see is what you get. I don’t practice any lines, I don’t write speeches, I just go with the flow. Some managers are scared stiff and have a pole up their arse and that’s all rubbish. They’re too scared to be themselves. I’m me.”
He just can’t help himself!

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