Club owner disrespecting you? Simply grab your genitals and release the anger trapped in your body

Ollie Irish

27th, September 2007

Now we know where Jose Mourinho went wrong. When Roman Abramovich started giving him a bit of lip he should have simply paraded in front of the Chelsea fans holding his genitals and shouting insults in the billionaire’s general direction. At least that would have been the advice of Colombian striker Leider Preciado. A public ticking off for his tardiness from Santa Fé owner Henry Cruz combined with the emotion of putting his side ahead against Real Cartagena in the 75th minute all got a bit much for Preciado. He strutted in front of the Santa Fé fans hurling abuse and repeatedly grabbing his crotch.
He said: “I humbly apologize to all the supporters of Santa Fé. The truth is that sometimes an athlete will get carried away by enthusiasm, and may sometimes do things to release all the anger trapped in his body.”

[Via MCalcio]

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