Garrincha – The greatest ever player to pull on the Brazil shirt


1st, October 2007


I’ve spoken about Garrincha on these pages before, but there’s always excuse to have another look at Brazil’s greatest ever player (yes… he is the greatest). If there is one player I would’ve loved to see in his heyday, it’s ‘Little Wren’. Imagine him in the modern game! With all those lovely camera angles we have now, and less clogging of skillful players, Garrincha would have trounced all the young pretenders out there now.

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  1. Xman says:

    Wow…dead at 50. What happened to him? I heard he died penniless and he was an alcoholic. Is this true?

  2. wolvie says:

    the game was played differently at the time, defence was neglected and teams used to have 4 or 5 men up front. Look at the amount of space he had, and none of the defenders were trying to tackle him, they merely tried to rob the ball. If he were playing today, somebody would go sliding in feet first and he’ll be taken out on a stretcher. I dare say that Ronaldinho and Cris Ronaldo is his equal in ball skills or perhaps even better as they’re used to playing at a much faster pace

  3. heroes says:

    wolvie, what utter nonsense. Garrincha would easily have been up their with the modern day greats. He was the most fouled player in Brazil of his era, an era were uncompromising tackles were the norm. It was his sheer brilliance and close control which prevented him from being crocked by defenders. Your comment suggests that the two-time World Champion wouldn’t make it in today’s game. Laughable really.

  4. dante says:

    absolutley agree 100 percent with heroes for c ronaldo having equal ball control thats one of the most stupid statements ive heard in a looong time,garrincha was a genius ronaldo is not.