Celtic fans runs onto pitch, taps Dida on the neck, Dida dives like he was shot in the face by a sniper. Ban them both!


4th, October 2007


Ha ha! I’m still laughing at Dida’s pathetic, delayed dive after being tapped on the neck by some buffoon of a Celtic fan (at least I presume he’s a Celtic fan). Why do so many professional footballers have this Pavlovian reaction to being touched above the waist? Not the face!
The fact he went off on a stretcher (the guy’s 6ft 4in and built like a brick shithouse) is the biggest joke of all – Uefa should fine him for simulation, surely. But they won’t – instead, Celtic will probably cop a fine for not controlling their fans. But what a fool Milan’s ‘keeper made of himself last night…

Dida incident vs Celtic
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