Builders Ian Wright, Ally McCoist, Chris Kamara and Lee Dixon talk football in a greasy spoon

Ollie Irish

4th, October 2007


This is not a strange dream I had last night, but an advert for bookmakers Ladbrokes (probably best to clear that up at the outsight). Right, so ex-footballers turned pundits Ian Wright, Ally McCoist, Chris Kamara and Lee Dixon are sat around in a cafe owned by Jimmy Hill having a bit of banter while dressed like they have come off a building site. They all share their opinions on who has a chance in the Premier League this season, including waitress Kirsty Gallacher. Simple really.

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  1. Kaya says:

    I had a hard time following that in general, but when the first guy walked in, I honestly thought it was a commercial from some slavic speaking country.
    Good thing you cleared it up for me. I do recognize Ian Wright, though.

  2. Scott Pusich says:

    Oh, the irony. A waitress with the last name “Gallacher” sez “Newcastle?! Are you kidding?!?”
    I’m a Newcastle fan, but I’m sad to say, I agree with her. Not this year, probably not next year. And I don’t put money down on *anything* except car payments! I’d rather spend my $20 at my favorite local bar, where I’m at least guaranteed some good beer!
    And since I’m a Yank, I could’ve done with a few subtitles as well ;-)