THE VOTE Sepp Blatter’s quota madness: which English player would be top of your shopping list?


5th, October 2007


Okay, I’ve just done a post about Sepp Blatter and his idea to introduce a quota system into European football, whereby clubs could field no more than five foreigners. In the Prem, this would obviously mean that managers – yes, Arsene, that includes you – would have to sign loads more English players to ensure that they could actually name a legitimate starting XI.
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Put yourself in the sensible shoes of Arsene Wenger, or indeed any Prem manager. Which one English player would be at the top of your shopping list?

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  1. Fulhamista says:

    Do they have to be English, or do the jocks, taffies and Norn Oirish count?

  2. Ell says:

    Lampard? and J.Cole?
    do my a favour. Overated Cockney Glory Boys.

  3. whitebuildings says:

    I’d have Michael Johnson from Man City, he’s only a teenager and has massive potential.