THE VOTE Are the Dida and Celtic punishments fair?

Ollie Irish

12th, October 2007


Dida%20stretcher.jpgIn what seems to be a relatively swift and bureaucracy free process, Uefa has announced that Celtic have been fined £25,000 after a fan ran onto the pitch and tapped AC Milan goalkeeper Dida during their recent Champions League match. Dida himself has been hit with a two-match ban for the histrionics which saw him briefly chase the fan before collapsing and being carried off on a stretcher.
Click here if you want to see the incident again. “As a club we feel this penalty is proportionate to the incident in question and a fair outcome,” said Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell before allowing himself a sigh of relief. Do you agree? Are the punishments fair? Vote below and/or leave a comment.

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  1. I agree with the 2 match ban for Dida, his behaviour was absolutely disgraceful.
    However, in contrast, the fine imposed on Celtic should have been much heavier. When will UEFA realise the 5 figure amounts just aren’t a deterrent to big European clubs?
    OK, the Celtic fan didn’t do anything, but what if he was carrying a knife? UEFA might as well have fined Celtic nothing (which they couldn’t really do), so they should have fined the Glasgow club at least 10 times that amount.
    That way, it sets precedent for clubs who aren’t stringent enough with supporter and player security. The only message this sends out is that UEFA are still too scared to tackle issues of crowd control.

  2. Phantom Pain says:

    Dida should have got a month long ban.

  3. OmegaSupreme says:

    They got it bang-on for once. A slap on the wrists to Celtic, i.e. look at your security in the future and punishment for Dida. The message being, don’t try and con the ref. If they keep making decisions like this it would be a better game.

  4. Adam says:

    Now if only there was some consistency, rather than just banning players in high-profile, well publicized events.
    There should be bans for all attempts at simulation, not just the ones that are ineptly executed.

  5. m4re says:

    Mostly fair, except when you look at the schedule and see that Dida is missing matches against minnows who wouldn’t trouble AC Milan, no matter who’s between the sticks.

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