Pies vs Lawro: England vs Russia


16th, October 2007


Lawro sits on the fence and predicts a 1-1 draw, saying: ‘I think England are playing well at the moment and enjoying the run of the ball and I do not expect them to lose… Russia looked distinctly average at Wembley – Steve McClaren’s team were better in all areas.’
Prediction Russia 1-1 England
On behalf of Pies, may I strike a note of pessimism and predict that the Russia who turned up at Wembley will look nothing like the Russia who will turn up tomorrow. Guus Hiddink is no mug and he’ll be ready for us. Factor in the plastic pitch, which will surely suit Russia more – our players aren’t used to it at all – and I find it very difficult to share Lawro’s optimism, no matter how well we’ve been playing recently.
Prediction Russia 2-1 England
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  1. Kipp says:

    Mark my words ollie et al.
    Russia 1-3 England
    It may be pure folly or it may be pure genius but there’s a thin line!

  2. Dimitris says:

    what is it with english an always being pessemistic? you guys say this every time there is a game on unless its against andorra/azerbaijan etc. where there is always a ‘this is going to be a tricky one…’
    there is no way tht russia’ll win this game.
    as an aside, hope the boks thrash in the RWC =P

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