VOTE: Who’s to blame for England’s defeat against Russia?

Ollie Irish

18th, October 2007


We don’t want to sound like a baying mob after blood the moment our Euro 2008 hopes seem to have disappeared – but surely someone is going to be made a scapegoat.
As far as we can see there could be six main culprits responsible for ruining next summer. Steve McClaren seems the obvious choice (if not the FA for appointing him in the first place) but Pies isn’t one for knee jerk reaction – so where else can we point the finger of the blame?
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Did the plastic pitch play a part? Could Paul Robinson have done better than parry the ball into the path of Pavyluchenko for the second goal? Should Steven Gerrard and Micah Richards have taken their chances? Did Wayne Rooney or the referee play a bigger part in the penalty? Or was Lady luck just not looking down on us?
Let us know whose face should be on the burning effigy if, as most of you think, we don’t qualify for the finals?

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  1. oliver says:

    Guus Hiddink would get my vote if he was listed.

  2. Jim says:

    Hey…where’s Frank Lampard’s name on the choices??? ;-)

  3. Jim says:

    Brian Barwick, the incompetent fa chief, for hiring a jumped up, tactically unaware busdriver to run our national team.

  4. paul Vidic says:

    Barwick, Barwick, Barwick. There was no rationale that one could use to justify the hiring of a man who never placed higher than, what, 15th in the Prem? OK he went on a good UEFA Cup run once where Viduka and Co. pulled rabbits out of their arses and won ties that they weren’t even in.

  5. Dan Clough says:

    The ref for giving the pen when it was clearly outside the box.
    Robinson for not holding on to the ball for the winner.
    The whole team were shite second half!

  6. Sami says:

    Paul Robinson for an assist to Pavylchenko (again) and perhaps the missed chances.

  7. Chris says:

    It has to be MacClaren, not for his team selection, but for choosing to go into defensive mode, rather than pushing for a second goal. Trying to defend a one goal lead for more than half a match never ever works. Ever.

  8. Miro says:

    I’m confused, where’s Michael Owen? He did shit all the match, had zero shots on goal and a couple of offside calls, but he’s oddly missing from your list. That’s nuts. Did Goldenchip give you a few bucks not to put him on the list?
    Do you guys actually care about football or just making money? I guess the proof is in this sensationalist piece of crap site you produce. Keep dumbing yourselves down.

  9. Za says:

    Yeah we all agree. Miro is an idiot.

  10. mo says:

    how about an option for the entire team for a drab and uninspired second half performance.
    although i think we can let off sol campbell

  11. hallacarlito says:

    whats your point miro by the way???
    …as for the game, I blame the corner flags, the one to robinsons left was planted much higher 2nd half..thus distracting him and enabling oh those crafty russians to stick a second one in the net..

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