Atletico Paranaense vs Gremio, round 1: Brazilian football teams fight in changing room and airport


5th, November 2007


Woah, it all kicked off, handbags-style (ie. a lot of shoving and pushing and shouting but not much more), following a game between Brazilian clubs Atletico Paranaense and Gremio earlier in the week. A mass brawl, captured by TV cameras, started in the changing rooms and then continued at the airport. Any Portuguese speakers want to enlighten us as to what was said by the guys being interviewed in this clip?
Via The Offside

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  1. Tony Adam's says:

    I speak portugese, those guys said: “If Fergie think that the “abuse” at Arsenal was bad then he shouldn’t come see a football match in Brazil”

  2. Bob says:

    looll tony adams!!

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