Augustin Binya’s horrendous tackle on Celtic’s Scott Brown


8th, November 2007


It is not too often that you hear that Uefa have cited a red card for further sanctions. So when they announce they will be investigating an incident further with the possibility of increased disciplinary action, you know it must be something quite serious. That is certainly true of the tackle/assault which Benfica midfielder Augustin Binya was red-carded for against Celtic on Tuesday night. How Scott Brown escaped without a broken leg is a mystery. This is seriously nasty.

[Via The Offside]

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  1. jamilinho says:

    if that guy doesnt get at least an 8 month ban, a little piece of love for the sport will die in my heart.

  2. nsalta says:

    Not even Roy Keane was suspended for 8 months why Binya should be?

  3. benfica flan says:

    As a Benfiquista I’m embarrassed by that …… (was gonna call it a tackle but you’re right…. it’s much worse). Binya has been banned for the next 6 european games. I think if Brown’s leg had broken – Binya would’ve been banned for much longer.

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