Benfica fans attempt to defend Augustin Binya’s indefensible tackle


9th, November 2007


A Benfica YouTuber has begun clutching at straws like Celtic midfielder Scott Brown was clutching at his leg after the horrendous tackle by Augustin Binya the other evening. In defence of Binya, this compilation of “hard tackles” by Celtic players has been put together. There are fouls in this video, yes, but Binya’s assault is in a different league completely.

Via 101Greatgoals]

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  1. Adam says:

    I always laugh at these football Red Herrings, but this one takes the cake. Way to up the bar, Benfica Youtuber.

  2. SePo says:

    I’m a fan of Benfica but I have to say I think Binya is the worst player in the squad. I don’t think he did that to Scott Brown on purpose because he does that kind of “tackles” all the time, just usually doesn’t hit anyone with such violence. No one should even dare to defend him because it’s one of the worst tackle attempts I have ever seen, even if he did not intend to hit his opponent.

  3. nsalta says:

    I posted those videos but in case you didn’t noticed it was I who posted Binya’s tackle too, so you can’t accuse me to be biased. Binya’s tackle was hard and disgusting but he will be punished by UEFA, so move on. I don’t understand the awe of Celtic fans when they have a player like Caldwell.

  4. nsalta says:

    Ah I forgot, where is Part II

  5. Jollie says:

    Like previously stated these are “hard tackles” not common assault with malicious intent like binyas reckless challenge

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