HolloWatch: Ian Holloway is worried Stephen Ireland is going to out-crazy him!


9th, November 2007


Pies hero Ian Holloway has expressed concern that Manchester City midfielder Stephen Ireland could replace him as football’s number one nutcase. Ollie’s bizarre rants have endeared him to thousands of fans and led to him being adopted as Pies’ favourite manager. But he is worried that his outbursts just aren’t crazy enough to keep up with the new generation of footballers emerging with a screw loose.
The Plymouth boss said in his BBC column that Ireland – fresh from pretending his grannies have died and showing off his Superman pant to millions – would easily beat himin the crazy stakes. He said: “He’s a complete fruitcake, that bloke, isn’t he? We’ve got to be careful with him, he’s after the old crazy mantle and he’s going to win it hands down.” Don’t worry, Ollie – you’re the only football nutter for us!

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  1. radio raheem says:

    no quiz for the 2nd week in a row ? This is crazy, because this blog may gonna be out of business soon

  2. Brian says:

    I don’t know, Rob. Crazy in football is a matter of what have you done for me lately, and so far this season it looks like Ireland by a landslide. Sure, Holloway’s only one good rant about his childhood obsession with tiddlywinks away from making this a contest, but if Ireland keeps offing imaginary grandmothers at his current pace he has a real chance to break the record, and maybe one day play for Mauro Raffaeli.

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