Ouch! LA Galaxy’s Kevin Harmse is a naughty boy/David Beckham’s enforcer


30th, November 2007

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The modern footballer just can’t get up to the sneaky antics of their predecessors. As LA Galaxy midfielder Kevin Harmse has discovered following the match against FC Sydney, the TV cameras will see what you are up to even if it is away from the action. Harmse was spotted planting his foot on the arm of Sydney’s Brendon Santalab. He was well within the school playground code of conduct though, according to his coach Ruud Gullit. The Dutchman said: “The guy who kicked David Beckham, he triggered it. He did it not only once, but twice. David warned him and said it’s a friendly.”

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1 Comment

  1. djt says:

    it wasn’t santalab he stood on, it was biddle.
    and gullit’s a daft cnt. santalab took out becks’ ankle early on, but only because he was going in for a challenge and slipped. the replays showed him trying to back out.
    harmse saw it and it looked like he thought it was intentional (admittedly in real time it would have been hard to tell). minutes later, harmse is kicking juninho’s feet from underneath him!
    the bloke that got becks angry was just obstructing – becks took him down later on anyway…
    harmse was a swollen knob during the game.

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