What is the biggest football manager’s job in the world?

Ollie Irish

30th, November 2007


78063320.jpg‘The biggest football job in Europe and in the world is to be the England manager.’
Sven-Goran Eriksson, November 2007

I respect Sven’s opinion, but I think his quote is mere hyperbole. Forty years ago, maybe it was true, but surely there are bigger management jobs in world football these days? To manage any of Europe’s genuinely big clubs – Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan, Juventus, Man Utd – is regarded as more prestigious than the England job. And in international terms, the Brazil and Argentina gigs are bigger too, not to mention vastly more successful European nations like Germany and Italy. Don’t you agree?
The tabloids like to think the England job is massive, and they make it so in their own, self-serving worlds, but how can a job managing a nation that isn’t even in the Top 10 in the world be classed as the biggest?
Vote after the jump on which management job you think is currently the biggest in the world…

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  1. Matt Long says:

    Has to be Real Madrid…if England were to win anything the manager at the time would be held as a Messiah for all time…it doesn’t even guarantee you your job at Real!

  2. Betting Guru says:

    I vote for Man Utd. Sir Matt Busby left giant boots that were never really filled until Fergie overcame a rocky start. When he fianlly retires whoever takes over will realise what a massive job it is.

  3. It has to be Madrid.
    Virtually infinite financial resources and an amazing heritage to live up to. Its very difficult for any manager to stamp his authority on the team.

  4. murfmensch says:

    In the US, the England Shirt is popular, right up there with Brazil and Argentina. One sees a lot of Ireland kits as well, actually.
    The international game is vital to the development of the sport in the US. The EPL will benefit most from England successes but also from all major tournaments. Some of us Amis followed Clint Dempsey to Fulham for instance. I picked up Tottenham after watching Ireland. (I’m having a great year.)

  5. wade says:

    managing lfc, the most successful club in english football

  6. Za says:

    Big meaning what? In terms of money, honours, reputation, or difficulty? England’s job is pretty tough. So much pressure to deliver from the media and fans. Real is somewhat similar to an extent but their stupid board doesn’t help matters though. Both Del Bosque and Capello did the job and delivered but both got sacked.

  7. zzang says:

    brazilian national team -> no world cup, no more coaching


    Managing England is the biggest, toughest, most challenging and -if done properly- the most rewarding job in football. I’m sick and tired of all the bad press and the criticism the team have been getting; not only now that they’ve not managed to qualify but since forever! If you need to blame someone why not blame those directly responsible, i.e. the FA? Those sold-out old men, who care nothing about England team, or english football for that matter, just making big loads of cash. Complain about the preposterous number of foreign players in the Premiership -which,in turn, lowers the level of quality of the national team- the bribes Germans and Argentinians have been paying FIFA for ages to ensure a place in all kinds of competitions, the complacency of the FA who’s aware of all this, their choice of manager, the choice of squad which sometimes depends on the financial interests of sponsors and a number of other things which players know, by the way, and it results in their lack of motivation. I’m certain that England players are indeed proud to play for the country and do want to win trophies for the nation and I’m connvinced that if they were led by a capable manager, willing to do the job and stand up to the corruption in football hierarchy, who would be willing to get to know, love, discipline and motivate the players, make them feel it’s really worth the fight and provided the press gave them half a chance, there’s nothing they couldn’t do. If I were a football manager, I’d take the job in a heartbeat.

  9. Sam says:

    It has to be England for me
    I know they’re not a big country football wise anymore, but just for the Media alone
    the Media will look to make you look stupid as much as possible, and you get more recognition than at a club because you’re basically carrying England fans hopes on your shoulders

  10. baby boo says:

    aye wtf is all this for huh
    aye mayne mii favorite sport is soccer and da all to it

  11. Matt El says:

    Sam… England aren’t a big footballing country anymore?? What?? Not only did we create the sport, We are home to some of the biggest clubs in world football (Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal) Aswell as the Premier League create the most income for any domestic league in the world!

    The England job is the biggest and most prestigious job in football, The Real job is just a poisonious challice for a poisonious club!

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