High-school football player runs into immovable goalie. Ouch!

Ollie Irish

3rd, December 2007


‘That is body on body!’ What the hell is this young ‘keeper made of? Titanium? Turn your volume up to enjoy the sound of high-school football carnage. Hit of the year? Maybe.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Looked like the keeper was just defending himself. lousy yellow.
    What a hit, take a bow son!

  2. EricTheGreen says:

    Guess the goalkeep plays a spot of the “other” football on the side, eh?

  3. dp says:

    You got…JACKED UP!!!

  4. joejoejoe says:

    That’s a bogus yellow. My guess is that striker was buzzing the keeper all game with irritating challenges like that where he had zero chance to get the ball and the keeper finally took care of business. A lot of HS refs do a crap job of protecting the keeper. Bogus or not, it was worth it. Eat it striker boy!

  5. jay says:

    That is US style referreing for you.
    Many of those guys do not know the rules nor have a good understanding of the game.
    Regarding the size of the keeper, more and more of the big kids that would have once chosen to play (american) football or basketball are showing up in soccer/football.
    The other day I saw an U-12 game before my game started and some of those kids were about 6 feet tall and very skilled.
    The ref in that game also sucked.

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