David Beckham leaves not very much to the imagination in Armani underwear shoot


11th, December 2007


Having whipped Australia and New Zealand into a frenzy during his LA Galaxy’s recent tour, David Beckham has now turned his attention to housewives the world over (we might as well take this opportunity to offer a friendly ‘welcome to Pies’ to the hundreds of bored housewives who have landed on this page directly from a Google search!). If you were wondering why he is nicknamed Goldenballs, it is because Sergio Aguero keeps his trophy in Beckham’s pants.
As always we need to look after our regular readers, so here is a direct link to our Babes section for anyone in need of some immediate homoerotic detox!

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  1. Flo says:

    ding dong! his head is smaller than his goldenballs, which shouldn’t be surprising really :)

  2. kaya says:

    I never understood what the big deal about DB was… until now.

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