Robbie Savage Sparks Twitter Row With Darren Gough AND Stan Collymore AND Andy Goldstein

Chris Wright

13th, October 2010


By Chris Wright

Derby County midfielder and BBC 606 presenter Robbie Savage sparked a tetchy twitter row last night, after rubbishing former England cricketer Darren Gough‘s pre-match tactical analysis.

Gough, a presenter on talkSPORT, was discussing England’s options before their Euro 2012 qualifier with Montenegro last night, but Savage (who apparently counts himself as a bit of an expert when it comes to football’s subtleties) was not pleased with what he heard.

Below is a transcript of the argument, and a good example of what happens when the immovably clueless argue with the irresistibly moronic;

@RobbieSavage8: “Just in my mates car and he has a radio show on. it’s painfully bad a cricketer talking football tactics, wow I might do the Ashes.”

@DGoughie: “Hi pal, I’m a PFA and PCA member. When did you play cricket?”

@RobbieSavage8: “Mate 28,000 followers, well done. stick to cricket cos you no f**k all about football. All I know about cricket is you couldn’t bat!”

@DGoughie: “Not interested in trading insults, I’m a team player it’s not all about me? I have an opinion like everyone sometimes I’m right sometimes I’m wrong simple. I love what I do, fact.”

The thinking man’s feckless prick then waded in to defend his talkSPORT colleague;

@CallCollymore: “5 live offered me the 606 gig for this season,and I turned it down,because 606 has virtually a captive audience,and I get much more pleasure from what I’ve achieved with Call Collymore than I ever could from 606. If you’ve got it, you do your own, not piggyback on others.”

@RobbieSavage8: “Yeah right I’m enjoying doing your Mirror column as well Stanley.”

Following at least ten minutes of silence, talkSPORT’s gurning host Andy Goldstein also entered the fray;

@AndyGoldstein5: “Why is Robbie Savage having a pop at talkSPORT? It’s like me playing for Derby and slaughtering Barcelona.”

@RobbieSavage8: “Can’t be bothered with nuggets like you who nobody knows pal. 600 games later I’m still there! I’ll tune in at 3am to you.”

@AndyGoldstein5: “dictionary definition of the word “nugget” : “anything of great value”…even when you insult me you get it wrong.”

@RobbieSavage8: “mate your just a soccer am reject. 1 season wonder, do one.”

…and it goes on, and on, and on – although Savage has moved to play the whole thing down with his first tweet of the morning today, saying;

@RobbieSavage8: “Can’t believe people don’t no what banter is. it’s fun, that’s what twitter is about. Goughie (sic) was a great cricketer who I respect!”