How many England players would you call world class?


7th, February 2008

The term ‘world class’ is a difficult one to quantify, especially when it’s over used by pundits every time a player does anything above average. We think that the world class club should be more exclusive than that and only reserved for a few players who are exceptional talents – your Ronaldos, Messis and Kakas.
There isn’t a club in the world that wouldn’t want players like those in their team but, using that as a guideline, how many of England’s squad could guarantee a place at clubs like real Madrid, Barcelona or AC Milan?

From England’s starting XI last night, we would only name four players who would fit that category – Ferdinand, Gerrard, Rooney and (possibly) Joe Cole. And, from the players missing, maybe Lampard, Owen and, for the nostalgic, Beckham could be in with a shout.
That would seem to leave us with a team of world beaters (if only they could all play to their potential at the same time) unless we’re being too generous with our praise?
Let us know which England players you think deserve to be included in the world class bracket.

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