Sign Pies’ ‘Stop the 39th Game’ petition – your voice must be heard…

Ollie Irish

11th, February 2008

Petition-Stylo-1.jpgRichard Scudamore and his Premier League suits have fat dollar signs in their eyes – that’s why they can’t see that their ‘innovative’ plan to play a 39th Premier League game abroad is ludicrous. Michel Platini, head of Uefa, called it ‘nonsense’ and a ‘joke’, and Pies agrees with him, 100%.
If you agree (and I know lots of you do), please sign Pies’ petition to ‘Stop the 39th Game!’ It only takes 10 seconds to sign, and there’s no need to register, so hopefully you’ll feel it’s worth your time.
The Premier League must not be allowed to prostitute the game we love.
And please forward this link to all of your football-loving friends and family.

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