The Fiendish Friday Quiz


11th, April 2008

1. Career path
Luton, Arsenal, West Ham, Wimbledon, Coventry, Celtic, West Brom, Norwich (current)
2. Multiple choice
How many games did Arsenal’s Invincibles draw during their 2003/4 unbeaten season?
a) 10 b) 11 c) 12
3. Picture round
Name the player.
4. Team mates
Name the player who has played with the following:
Tony Cascarino, Ronny Rosenthal, Andy Cole, Yakubu, Anton Ferdinand
5. The fixture
Name the two teams.
6. Who am I?
I was born in Amsterdam and given my professional debut in Holland by Johan Cruyff. I spent an unhappy couple of seasons at one of Milan’s clubs before becoming a Premier League icon and changing attitudes towards the game at a London club where I became the first Dutchman to be inducted in the English Hall of Fame.
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1. John Hartson
2. c) 12
3. Wayne Rooney
4. Teddy Sheringham
5. Juventus v Roma
6. Dennis Bergkamp

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