Gol TV commentator Ray Hudson squeals when Iker Casillas saves a penalty

Ollie Irish

29th, April 2008


Crazed commentator Ray Hudson got overexcited even by his standards when Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas (his favourite man in the whole wide world) saves a penalty from Athletic Bilbao’s Joseba Garmendia. Given that Garmendia looks like he is about to have a nervous breakdown before taking the kick he was never likely to score really.

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  1. e.marino says:

    Your commentators, Ray and his sidekick, have a dislike of anything that is not Spanish soccer. Hudson has moments, rare but he has them, when he manages some objectivity. His sidekick, on the other hand, has a compact against Serie “A” teams which he diplays at every opportunity by contorting his voice out of shape when Italian teams are scored against.
    I am seriously considering avoiding the experience altogether

    Enzo Marino

  2. nik says:

    the gol tv commentators are the worst in the entire world I hate watching socce when they commentate

  3. sean downes says:

    Those two over animated fools caused me to miss a potentially excellent match today. Real v Barca. I simply cannot watch a match if it’s on Gol with those two idiots commentating! Watch a match on Sky with Martin Tyler commentating to learn how it’s done!

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