Meet Stoke City, the new Derby County!


6th, May 2008


Promoted Potters will be new worst team in Premier League history
So, congratulations to Stoke City, who get to replace Derby County as the Premier League’s gimp.
Jon Parkin, Richard Creswell, Rory Delap, Leon Cort: these Stoke lads, journeymen through and through, clearly have what it takes to go one better than the Rams and end up with less than 10 points come the end of next season. I can hear Cristiano Ronaldo now: I don’t know where Stoke is on a map, but they’re gonna get f**ked harder than my sweet Nereida.
Feast on YouTube’s coverage of Stoke’s promotion…

You’d think Ricardo Fuller would know better. “You are coming back down, you are coming back down!”

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  1. Nicholas says:

    This made me laugh.Clearly the author of this knows/knew nothing about football.
    Very embarrasing. x

  2. Oatcake Muncher says:

    Haha what a fucking tool. I bet whoever wrote this shit is eating his words now. And I hope those words taste bitter as fuck. You know nothing, fuck off nutsack.

  3. becky DELAP 24 says:

    HAHAHAH! look where the mighty potters are now eh? we ARE a good team and we DO have good players! scfc till i die! we are premier league!:))))))

  4. JStoke says:

    So, an FA Cup Final, A Europa League campaign and 4 Premier League seasons later… you were saying? You’ve gone very quiet it seems!

  5. Harry says:


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