MLS: New York City FC’s Game Against Colorado Rapids Delayed By Lightning, Two Clubs Play ‘Noughts & Crosses’ On Twitter To Pass Time

Chris Wright

31st, July 2016


New York City FC well and truly bowled Colorado Rapids over in MLS last night, with Frank Lampard scoring the club’s first ever hat-trick in a comprehensive victory.

However, the game took an age to conclude after it was interrupted by a lightning storm high above the Yankee Stadium.

Indeed, the match was postponed for a full 40 minutes immediately after Lampard’s 28th-minute opener after a bolt of lightning cracked the sky above.

Faced with a prolonged delay, the two clubs decided to pass the time by engaging in a Twitter-based blast of ‘noughts and crosses’ – or ‘tic tac toe’ as our American cousins refer to it…


Image: Twitter

Stalemate, but still jolly good fun.

Alas, Colorado were left to rue their eagerness to get the actual football match underway again, as they swiftly went on to get themselves tonked 5-1.


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