MLS: Lady At Airport Politely Asks Bastian Schweinsteiger To Take Photo Of Her Posing With Rest Of Chicago Fire Players

Chris Wright

21st, April 2017



He may well be a Champions League winner, a Bundesliga octo-champ and a Weltmeister, but it would appear that Bastian Schweinsteiger isn’t quite what you’d call a household name across the pond just yet.

Indeed, the ex-Bayern Munich and Manchester United midfielder was politely asked by a lady at Toronto Airport if he’d kindly take a photo of her posing with the rest of his Chicago Fire teammates.


Photo: @eGehrig16/Twitter

The scene was captured by Fire’s assistant head coach Eric Gehrig, who quipped: “This poor lady asked for a picture with the Chicago Fire players… if she only knew!”

Still, she managed to get a lovely memento of the day she met… those guys.

Imagine being that clueless, eh?


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  1. A Nonny Moose says:

    Americans just can win with you people at Pies. Did it ever occur to you that maybe she was just a Fire fan through and through and already loved “those guys?” It’s not like their fans are bandwagoners, what with entirely lacking a bandwagon…

  2. Connor says:

    This is in Toronto, so they’re Canadian and probably not a Chicago fan. Also… cmon. If you’re getting a picture with the team you do it with the most famous (and possibly best) player. Probably figured he was a coach with the grey hair

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