Snapshot: Kasey Keller Gets Seattle Sounders ‘Corn Maze Tribute’ Treatment

Chris Wright

1st, October 2011

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By Chris Wright

We’re not sure if corn maze tributes are a ‘thing’ in MLS fan circles these days, but this is the second crop-based tribute we’ve seen in the past couple of months – with Seattle Sounder’s veteran ‘keeper Kasey Keller getting the treatment this time, courtesy of the Schilter Family Farm in his hometown of Olympia, Washington…   

Said Keller:

“It’s certainly a unique tribute and very fitting given this is my hometown and my family has known the Schilter family for years and years.

“It’s really cool. I hope a lot of fans can make their way to Olympia and enjoy it.

“I honestly don’t think too many other athletes can say they’ve had their likeness featured in a corn maze.”

You said it Kasey.

Image: Metro

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1 Comment

  1. Joe says:

    Think of all the corn they could have grown instead of wasting space to make a maze dedicated to an overrated goalkeeper that refuses to retire despite being shit for years now.

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