Robbie Keane Ignores LA Galaxy Request To Skip Estonia Match, Stays To Savour The Craic

Alan Duffy

15th, November 2011


By Alan Duffy

With an MLS cup final on Sunday, and a Euro 2012 play-off second leg on Tuesday, veteran striker Robbie Keane is enjoying a rather successful time at the moment for both club and country.

With the Republic all but qualified for Poland and Ukraine courtesy of their 4-0 first leg mauling of Estonia, Keane’s club wanted their star striker to miss the second leg and return home to LA to prepare for the MLS cup final. However, eager to savour the moment when (or if?) Ireland actually do officially qualify for Euro 2012, Keane has decided to put country ahead of club.

“The job is still not done yet. We have to be professional and do the job properly,” said the attacker. “They requested me to come back with the final (against Houston Dynamo) on Sunday, but this could be one of the greatest moments in Irish history for me playing for my country. To miss a special night – hopefully – like this, it wouldn’t feel right.”

Apparently Galaxy have accepted Keane’s decision, although if he gets injured against Estonia, the Americans may not be so understanding.

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  1. kct says:

    Rest him, simples.

  2. Rory says:

    It would be fairly disrespectful to Estonia to allow Keane to leave and think that the job is 100% complete. Hope he bags another couple this evening, should be great fuckin craic out in Dublin tonight!

  3. Tosser says:

    Keano avoided the attempt on his life by Eastonia’s Andrei Stepanov in the first match. The Galaxy have nothing to worry about in his 60 minute run out in Dublin town tonight.

  4. shay says:

    It was pretty stupid of the Galaxy to even ask.

  5. Steve Clarke's Cerebrum says:

    Dublin is going to be hopping tonight!

  6. Mr. Sparkle says:

    The LA Galaxy should realise that if a player is called up for international duty it’s in their best interest to have them play. Considering otherwise, they might get all pissy and you’ll likely face a player who’s pissed off that he plays in some footballing backwater league.

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