Gravesen punches Robinho and is probably on his way out of Madrid


3rd, August 2006

GravesenrobinhoThomas Gravesen is a thug isn’t he? He used to chop Premiership players down for fun. Now in Spain, at the most famous club in the world, it would seem that he can’t catch those quick and nimble Galacticos, and is settling for a good old smack in the mouth. With Boro and Newcastle looking out for him, it seems his days in Madrid are numbered.

As is par for Gravesen’s course, the Dane hacked Brazilian wonderkid,
Robinho down, and then smacked him in the face. The pair had to be seperated,
and then the former Everton man was warned about his behaviour from Real Madrid
coach, Fabio Capello. When the coach was asked about the pre season attitude of
the cue ball headed one, said "I am not going to have problems with him.
He is a little different but he works hard which is important to me. His
behaviour? I don’t like it, he wants everyone to do what he wants, and I have
told him so."

Did you read that? "A little different". That’s basically saying
"Gravesen? He’s as mad as a box of frogs". So, with the Mental Dane
saying that there is no chance of a return to Everton, who will have him?Who
would want a clogging thug in the middle of the park? Step forward Blackburn

Mof Gimmers 

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