Spot The Baller Christmas Edition: 19 Dec, 2012 – The Snowman (Now With Added Clue!)

Chris Wright

19th, December 2012


By Chris Wright

It’s the last edition before Spot The Baller takes a Christmas break, so we thought we’d ramp up the festivities by slapping the crudely cut-and-pasted face of Aled Jones’ best mate over this mystery man.

Who it be walking in the air dicking around in the snow?

ATTENTION: It appears that this Christmassy edition of Spot The Baller was/is far too hard, so here’s a clue to help narrow the search…

The two players in this photo amassed 102 international caps between them.

Now get guessing you lollygaggers!

* * * * * 

Previous answer: It was Craig Burley hidden behind Dame Judi Dench’s cheeky grin…

No-one got that sucker! Must try harder people.