Alan Pardew Banned For Seven Games And Fined £60,000 For David Meyler Forehead Shunt

Chris Wright

11th, March 2014


By Chris Wright


As expected, Newcastle manager Alan Pardew has been hit with a hefty ban and fine from the FA for his little “forehead shunt” on Hull City’s David Meyler a week or so ago.

Pardew will now have to sit out the next seven of Newcastle’s games and pay up to the tune of £60,000 – with a statement released by the FA this afternoon reading thus:

“[Pardew] will serve a seven-match suspension with immediate effect, subject to any appeal, after he admitted an FA misconduct charge.

“An independent regulatory commission today ruled the first three matches imposed are a stadium ban with the remaining four a touchline ban.”

Pardew has also emitted a statement via Newcastle’s official website, once again apologising before adding that he accepts the FA’s punishment:

“As I have made clear, I deeply regret the incident and again wholeheartedly apologise to all parties for my conduct, which I understand was not acceptable.

“I will accept the punishment handed down by the FA today. My focus now turns to preparing the team for this weekend’s game against Fulham and finishing the season as strongly as possible.”

That’s on top of the £100,000 fine already metered out by Newcastle themselves. These head-butts don’t come cheap, y’know!

The lengthy ban also means that the next Toon game that Pardew will be back in the dugout for is the club’s home clash with Cardiff on May 3rd.

What do we reckon, Pies fans? Punishment fit the crime?

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  1. squareballz says:

    So what punishment did the protagonist get for entering the ‘technical area’, pushing opposition manager & squaring up?
    The one that swings first, out on the street, gets busted by the law!

    The ‘not so sweet’ fa are a total joke, manipulated by the media hypesters!

    Not saying what Pardew did was right, more that the FA law’s an ass & the initial aggressor is let off, even after further bringing of disrepute to the process in his goal celebration this weekend.

    Trial by know nowt pundit!

  2. Jimjam says:

    The very definition of a ‘scraplet’.

  3. Chris B. says:

    The ‘protagonist’ entered the technical area to retrieve the ball for a throw-in. He and Pardew bumped into each other, and Pardew went insane. Meyler was not the aggressor.

  4. EDub says:

    I think that this violent conduct, like Suarez’, is worthy of 10 games.

  5. Chris says:

    A idiotic and selfish act worthy of a longer suspension IMO. Pardew completely to blame as he loses it again. This time I feel it could hurt his team greatly.

  6. Jarren says:

    I originally called for an 8-game touchline ban & 30k fine, so I’m quite happy with what’s transpired.

    The money, while steep, will not exactly leave Pardew begging in the streets.

    The stadium ban, followed by the touchline ban, will hurt him much more.

    Let’s just hope this makes him seek some anger management classes, or at least look himself in the mirror and realise he can be passionate without losing the fuckin’ rag.

    Chris on comment 4, this won’t hurt Newcastle. They’re practically safe from relegation. In fact, this might secure them mid-table mediocrity thus saving the team from the horrors of the Europa league.

    We all know what happened to the high-flying Toon Army last time they got to that…

  7. Kris says:

    @2 Have you seen the full incident or just the vid on here?

    Did he go in the technical area to retrieve the ball? Yes
    Did he shove Pardew out the way to retrieve said ball? YES
    Did that ignite the whole incident? Yes

    Therefore he was the aggressor you couldn’t go around shoving players on the pitch just like you can’t go round nutting people on the pitch. But IMO Meyler has got away with it, as for the FA saying it was a non-standard incident for the head butt, players shoving managers is a non-standard incident (when was the last time you seen it?) but he has been given a STANDARD punishment.

    Media fuelled idiots on these FA Committee’s

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