Home wanted for stray England captain. Would you sign David Beckham for your club?

Ollie Irish

7th, July 2006


Reports abound that Freddie Shepherd met David Beckham with a view to signing the former England skipper. Beckham’s ‘people’ have denied this, saying it was a coincidence that the Newcastle United chairman and Becks were spotted at Claridges Hotel at the same time.

OK, fair enough – the tabloids have got to fill their back pages with bullshit now that England is out of the World Cup, but this makes no sense. Beckham would shift a few black-and-white shirts, but I can’t imagine there are many Geordies who think that £120k-a-week is a sensible use of club funds. The words ‘chocolate’ and ‘teapot’ come to mind, in fact – midfield is the last of Newcastle’s worries.

Would you sign Beckham for your club?