Newcastle Coach Michael Antia Has ‘Geordie To English’ Translation Sheet Pinned Up In His Office (Photo)

Chris Wright

16th, November 2016


Squatting on top of the Championship, scoring goals for fun and unbeaten in their last nine games, all is rosy in the Newcastle United garden at the moment.

Indeed, it hasn’t taken Rafa Benitez long to restore a sense of optimism and pride at St James’ Park, though it would appear that there is still one aspect of life in the North East that his coaching are having a tough time getting to grips with.

While skimming through a Chronicle article about Benitez’s backroom staff, one sharp-eyed Newcastle fan noticed a particular “cheat sheet” pinned up in the office of first-team coach Michael Antia.

Indeed, it would appear Antia – who is Spanish – has a “Geordie to English” translation guide to help him understand the oft-impenetrable local vernacular..

The sheet features the following Geordie slang words and their meanings in actual English…

Aye – Yes
Nar – No
Nee – No
Wor – Our
Gan – Going
Yee – You
Doon – Down
Neet – Night
Owa – Over
Reet – Right
Nowt – Nothing
Wrang – Wrong
Lang – Long
Howk – Pick or scratch
Divvent – Don’t
Toon – Town, Newcastle United
Geet – No real translation, a descriptive word
Alang – Along
Radgie – Chav
Radge – Mad
Class – Good
Bonny – Beautiful
Gadgie – Old man
Bairn – Child
Bait – Dinner, packed lunch
Hinny – Female
Hyem/yem – Home
Hoose – House
Canny – Good
Propa – Significant
Belta – Reall good
Gob – Mouth
Snout – Cigarette
Doylem – Idiot (insult)
Charva – Chav
Mortal – Drunk
Nappa – Head
Knackered – Tired
Laddie – Boy
Lassie – Girl
Smerking – Smoking
Haddaway – Term for disbelief
Clamming – Hungry
Deek – Look
Nebby – Nosey
Deed – Dead

According to the Daily Mail’s insider source, Antia’s print-off is all part off the Toon staff’s “light-hearted” attempt to “understand and embrace” the Geordie culture.

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