Paul Gascoigne Makes Surprise Appearance, Score Cheeky Goal In Newcastle Legends Charity Match (Photo & Video)

Alan Duffy

9th, July 2017


Paul Gascoigne made a surprise appearance in a charity game for St Oswald’s Hospice in Gateshead at the weekend.

The 50-year-old has been plagued with both mental and physical health issues since retiring from football.

However, lining out for a Newcastle Legends side, the England icon looked in decent shape, and even managed to score a cheeky goal.

The game, nicknamed the ‘Pav Cup’ in memory of Newcastle goalkeeper Pavel Srnicek, who died away in December 2015, saw a number of former Toon stars take part.


Peter Beardsley, Keith Gillespie, Steve Howey and Steve Harper all lined out in the game which drew a 500-strong crowd. However, Gazza was undoubtedly the main attraction.

Playing 15 minutes of the first half , Gascoigne then played again after the  break, rolling back the years with this impudent goal…

The Toon legends would ultimately win the 80-minute game 7-1, with Gillespie bagging a hat-trick.

After the game, Gascoigne told the Chronicle:

I miss football badly, even at my age.

It’s a nice turnout and I enjoyed it. That is always the main thing.

It was for Pavel really and to raise money for charity.

It’s good to see a few old team-mates. I’m feeling good and enjoying life.

I heard about the game so I rang Peter Beardsley up and told him I’d come along and enjoy it and see the lads.

How lovely it is to see Gascoigne looking well and sounding positive, and doing what he did best, bringing joy to us all on the football pitch.

And what a nice way to remember Pavel Srnicek too.

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  1. Ramos says:

    I don’t understand why english peaople are so obsessed with Gascoigne. People don’t even know him outside the UK. He has never played for a big club (unless Spurs and Rangers and Lazio are big clubs) and had what, two or three good seasons? A goal against Scotland, a few tears during the world cup and some nights in jail. That’s his legacy. Overrated beyond belief! I don’t know why he is in the news in 2017.

    • Andy Ojelade says:

      It is not an obsession but there is a lot of love for Gascoigne largely for the fact that he did go so far off the rails and it is in the English mentality to root for a kid who came from little, loved football and got ruined by stardom. On top of that he is without doubt one of the most technically gifted English players of all times. In my opinion he made bad choices in going to Lazio (so some extent) and Rangers (definitely). However the fact is that England has produced very few players who can go past defenders with either feet, score and make goals and get people of their seats. Gazza did all of the above therefore English football legend.

  2. Ramos says:

    I still think he’s overrated. I don’t think he could do what he did (very sporadically) at a really big club at the time like Milan, Juve, United or Real.

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